I have a neighbor who my husband & I are very close to. Unfortunately he is an alcoholic (who drinks 24 beers per day @ least). He needs to have surgery on his C-spine, Lumbar spine, as well as more problems to be corrected. He needs to have these surgeries "yesterday." For two yrs. he has been saying "he is going to cut back on the drinking" so he can get these surgeries done. He went to the Dr.'s the other day & was put on, I believe, 12 mcg. Fentanyl ER patches. He can hardly walk & we fear he wont be around much longer. I have never taken Fentanyl but I know it is a very strong medication & his wife, myself & my husband cant get him to stop drinking. My question is, does anyone know what will happen if he mixes the alcohol & Fentanyl? I know his breathing will be shallow and he can stop breathing. He is about 56 yr. old. His Dr. knows he is an alcoholic & he still got the patches. I know you cant make someone quit their addiction unless they want to (firsthand) but nevertheless we are worried he will use the patches & something will go very wrong. Any suggestions would be very, very appreciated so much