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What the negative interaction between oppioid and cannabis? why can't give both togother?

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DzooBaby 10 Aug 2012

Most Drs dont condone their use together mainly becuase there are few studies done on the effects of using opioids and cannibis together. Another reason is that cannibis is still considered illegal by the federal governement. Even in states where marijuana is legal for medical reasons, there is still the fact that from the federal standpoint, marijuana is considered illegal and federal law trumps state law. So if you see a Dr for pain management, he is not going to condone marijuana use along with prescription opioids because he/she must follow federal guidelines/mandates or risk losing their license. In states where medical marijuana is legal, you usually have to pick one treatment or the other. Even with it being legal according to state, you can still be prosecuted under federal law for having marijuana in your possesion. Until it is voted in to be legal federally we will still see these kinds of legal issues. free discount card

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