I am searching for some help on a few subjects about TTC
April 2016 my partner was told that he could possibly Testicular cancer in his right testicle, so he would have to get the whole testicle removed just in case.
May 2016, i had my Implanon ( implant birth control) removed from my arm.
We have been trying for a baby ever since, with no luck yet.
My partner had the testicle removed (orchiectomy) July 2016 and we found out it was benign (non cancerous) thank goodness!
But now im left wondering, can we ever have a baby, if he only has one testicle, ?
It has been 7 months of no birth control and we havent got a baby yet, will it ever happen ?
Has anyone else been through this ?
Have you been able to concieve a baby even though your partner has had this surgery?
How long does it take for the implanon to be out of your system?
Thank you in advance