Hey! Been on taramadol for 3yrs for back pain going from 50mg evry 4hour to 200mg twice day and tryd so many times to stop on my own even going to my doctor for help, each time failing, so here i am after yet agen asking my doctor for help iv been slowly cutin down each wk and 5 days ago got to 50mg sl 2 per day, then startd 1 per day 2 days ago, even cutin down i stil had bad withdrawls so yesterday stopd altogether, its now been 36 hours and wow im feeling it bad now, i havent run out i stil have 30 tablets and am trying my best to keep going to get past the 72 hours and hope i feel beter, as good as it may sound im a long way away and could do with some help, how long until i start to feel even a bit normal agen? Anythng that could make it easyer please let me no as i have small child and cant cope with this anymore, please help me threw this :(