I don't know how to get a hold of Robert_325 or anyone who might be able to help. I am in my mid 20's and used to take oxycotin and then herion. Long story short I quit then relapsed a while after. Eventually someone told me of suboxone and how it stops withdrawals and has none of its own. So I started taking 2 8mg subs a day. That was in 2007 and I havent stopped since. I've tried and found out many times the withdrawals are just as bad as herion but for me it lasts longer. I made it 2 1/2 weeks cold turkey until i couldnt take the pain anymore. For the last 1 to maybe 2 years I've been only taking on average 2 quarters a day. (2mg at night and 2 mg mornings) I never take more then 8 mg on a day and mostly its only half a pill through the day. I try to stop and withdrawals drive me crazy. I hurt myself badly to try and ignore the aches and pains. I literally have gone completely mad in my room from withdrawals where in punching holes in the wall and trying to rip my skin off. I don't have money for a program and a temp job that I can't let find out. Can anyone help me get off this drug please? I only have access to the strip form now which I feel doesnt work as well but I still cut them in quarters and take on in morning and one evening. I've tried everything to get the 4mg a day habit but the aches, pains and everything else drive me insane after a couple days of no food or sleep and I become suicidial. I read about Robert_325 helping people with the pills so I'm hoping to hear from him about the strips. I'll try anything, please.