Hi, I need a unique and specific tapering plan to get off opiate use with suboxone. I have used opiates for close to 7 months now. I desperately want to get off them. I have close to eight 8mg suboxones. I have found that using the smallest dosage possible has worked better than taking half or the whole pill. Recently, I have taken 1/8th of a 8mg Sub once a day in the morning with little to none withdraw symptoms. Is that equal to 1mg? I do know the half life of suboxone is 36 hours so everyday the buepenorphine is compounded. What is a good tapering plan using as little suboxone as possible over a span of time so that when I get off there will be little to none WS/PAWS?? Is it better to continue taking a small dosage till I am out then stop cold or should I start with a high dosage and move down till I have none left? Any advice is appreciated!