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Need to stop taking percocet looking for friends with similar issue?

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mitjason 13 Jan 2010

You'll find many people who are willing to help you as best they can. Are you addicted to this drug or are you taking it for pain? Feel free to contact me privately anytime if you would like. Spill your heart out. The more I know the more I can help you. Hope to hear from you soon!

alwatson 13 Jan 2010

Thanks buddy, started taking pain meds for my knees and back I am a tree climber always sore muscles back, and knees. Now I take them everyday about ten a day. When I try stopping I get so sick I don't want to leave home. Already have taken four or five today stuff is taking me down. Thanks again, Al.

mitjason 13 Jan 2010

It sounds like the beginning of a possible addiction. I would talk to your doctor about it and see what he or she suggests. They can help you tamper off the medication and then hopefully give you information about a Rehab of some kind if that's necessary for you. There's a great drug called Suboxone that's usually used for people who are addicted to heroin and other Narcotics. It's also used in patients with cancer pain in other countries. It's a great drug for pain management do to the fact that it has a ceiling effect which basically means that you can't overdose or take more than about 24 to 32mg. If you take 45mg it will do nothing and it will just go through your body until you expreate it through your body.

alwatson 14 Jan 2010

Thanks I don't see a doctor for the meds, don't have insurance. It's time to go see one just money is tight work is slow. I am going to check out the site now . Thanks again, Al

alwatson 16 Feb 2010

Hey MITJASON haven't been around actually went to Haiti on a relief mission at an orphanage in Port Au Prince. While there I got caught up in the clean up and serving food and water decided I was going to go cold turkey off the percocet and off the xanax... bad move I suffered a gran mal seizure! Not good, it lasted two and a half minutes. Since returning home I have started to cut back from the meds on my own. I have gone from taking 10 percocet 10/325s and 8-10 xanax 1.0s cut down to two and a half of each. So far so good. Tried getting in to a dr for suboxone treatment but got lost looking for dr office frustrated turned around and went home and I caught a real attitude from the doc. Anyway I'm back still trying to get off these meds. Thanks for listening and answering my questions few months back. AL

barbles2413 13 Jan 2010

I was on percocet for 5 years and wanted off. I needed it for pain but did not like the tylenol it was too much. I was just switched to morphine and had no withdraw symptoms. Well to be honest my doctor told me that I was not feelin the same pain relief because i was missing the buzz that I got from percocet. I never even knew I was getting a buzz. Personally if you want off do it with medical help. Too many things can go wrong when you listen to what worked for someone else because it may do you more harm than good. That is a personal thing. There may be issues why you can't or will not go that route either way good luck and God Bless. I hope this helps

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