I take Suboxone for chronic pain. This Thurs I go in for surgery to have 4 spinal cord stimulators implanted in my neck by my pain Dr. The pain Dr knows nothing about Suboxone so I actullay have to see a Psychiatrist to get it as he doesnt have the propper license to order it. Anyway, the pain Dr plans on having me take Vicodin or Percocet for surgical pain, unaware that I cannot take that while on Suboxone. I currently take Suboxone 2mg/.5mg sublingual tabs, three times a day. My Psychiatrist says to start tapering off Suboxone today by taking just half a tab today and tomorrow then none Weds & Thurs. Will it all get out of my system in time that way? I am PETRIFIED of going thru withdrawal as I already have and it was the worst experience I have ever had. I'd also prefer to not feel all that surgical pain! Please send advice if you have any and know what u r talkign about, THANKS!