... I been using restoril for about a month, missing a couple days in the middle. . Eleven days ago my doctor prescribed celexa, 20 mg, one per day and to continue restoril for seven to ten days to help with sleep while Celexa takes effect. I take both in the evening,Yesterday was the tenth day and I stopped the restoril. I had been sleeping poorly, awaking at 3 or 4 am, unable to get to sleep again even with restoril. Every day I have anxiety and shakyness in the morning, which goes away by 3 or 4 pm, and I'm OK until bedtime. After stopping restoril last nite I took celexa, hard time sleeping awoke twice before three, up until five thirty, slept and hour or so before getting up. Today I felt pretty bad early, lots of anxiety, some shakes, bad "mood", not good. One pharmacist advised me to skip a night, then take the next nite, twice, then skip two days between dozes twice before stopping. Other pharmacist was ambivalent, said could split the doze for two nights, then use a quarter capsule for two nights.

Apparently my sympton are similiar to others. Which is the recommended way to get off the drug, gradually withdraw, or stop as I did last nite. Any other advice? Thanks