i have gotten adderall from my primary for years but did not feel he was giving me enough. i went to another doctor for a second opinion and he was able to give me a sufficent dose. After a month, i returned to my new doctor to discuss how everything was going and if i was doing ok on this dose. i was but every now and then i would run out a little early because i would take a little more to help get through the night. I have a newborn and a new carrer so i dont have the typical eight hour day. More like a sixteen hour day. When i ran out early, i called my primary doctor and he wrote out my normal script that he has always given me. i did this a few more times. today i received calls from both of my docs. My primary told me that he found out i was getting adderall from the other and he would no long write my perscriptions. the other doctor called and said the the pharmacy called and told him i was getting them filled by my primary. i used different pharmacies for both and only used my insurance on one of the perscription. Well the doctor that told me the pharmacy called him said that he only wants me to get it from him and that he wants to see me tomorrow. Is he calling me in just to talk or is he setting me up to be arrested? Is this some sort of hippa violation? Should i even go in to see him? i want to because i want to clear this up and start fresh.Do you think i have been "red flagged"