ok so heres the deal... Im dependant on hydros... i take 5 10mgs a dose and sometimes dose 5 times a day and barely "get off" any more. I need to be done with these baaaad. If I go 12-18 hrs with out taking something I get weird number 2s that are very loose and my belly aches like crazy inbetween trips to the bathroom. I feel DIZZY like im stuck in that just popped outta bed cause Im late feeling... and it feels like that all day or until i take something to make it go away. I feel like im draggin my butt just to get out of the house and get something accomplished for the day. Long story short. I have some left and in 4 days I need to drive somewhere for 16 hours and then be there for 5 days and drive back 16 hours... and i have to do it all without meds!!! I will not drive though different states with stuff on me so Im at a loss as to what to do. I need to detox as fast as possible but still function for a few days. I need help/suggesions/motivation/ideas... ANYTHING PLEASE!!! I need to flush this fast and not be crapping myself all day every day and feel like i want to strangle everyone that around me. PLEASE HELP ASAP... ANYONE, ANYTHING PLEASE!!! (ps... i dont have health insurance or a dr that i can call, gnc and OTC are my only friends here.)