I was on methadone & decided to come off it because of the weight gain. We substituted oxycodone for the methadone. The methadone controlled my pain much better than the oxycodone & I am taking twice as many mgs. I didn't want to use percocet because I already take some meds that can effetc your liver and I can't take other opiates such as one with ibuprofen because of chronic gastritis.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I have severe chronic pain with bulging or protrusion disks from my neck to lower back. A couple are aggravating a nerve because my toes & one foot sometimes feels like it is between a numb & going to sleep. I also have bone spurs, degenerative disk disease etc. I could go on but you get the picture.

I have taken tramadol (2 Tylenol would have done as much good), oxycodone (not controlling the pain enough to function), methadone (it helped control the pain but due to the stigma of the medicine & weight gain, I opted to wean off the drug & have been off it since November) tried Opana ER(that medicine made me feel terrible & was not worth the cost of the medicine), I tried Oxycontin several years ago (it gave me an utopia feeling & I just want something to control pain, not get high). So as you see, I am running out of options. Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated.