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Need support, trying to kick a five year old painkiller addiction. I want my life back?

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Inactive 28 Sep 2010

Hi Stanz,
Could you please add more information to your question? How much were you taking, and what were (are) you taking? How are you taking the meds ie; ingesting them, snorting, or shooting up?

That info will help us to answer your question. The more info the better!

I did a cold turkey withdrawal off of prescribed OxyContin a year and 17 days ago. (sorry friends I know I am repeating myself over and over!) A picnic it was not. If you are taking high doses perhaps Suboxone is your best bet. Are you in chronic pain, or were you using these recreationally?
Add your info, and you will get loads of answers to your question!

Inactive 28 Sep 2010

My name is Mike, 37 years old. Army Ranger Vet. I was superman. I was injured back in 05' Finally had surgery for a ruptured disc at c5-c6. Had fusion. Was also diagnosed with syrinxes. Rare spinal condition. I guess I am in denial about my shit. I'm so fucking tired of all these pills.60 oc40+240 perc5 a month along with muscle relaxers, cpl of other shit. Man, I have to doped up to do anything. Work and play. I feel like I'm immune to the pills. I'm eat them like candy to keep up with my lifestyle. In my mind I am still an ass kicken soldier. I want someone to fix me now. I'm tired of this shit. Feel Me?

Inactive 28 Sep 2010

Mike, do I feel ya? You bet! You are not defined by your injuries, you are still the arse-kicking soldier.
Chronic pain sucks, I know this. So does feeling like you are a slave to your meds. Only you can decide if you want off the opiates, not an easy decision when one is in pain.
I had to get off the Oxy, my personality sort of disappeared... I wasn't myself, and I wanted her back, so that was the deciding factor for me.
Please google The Thomas Recipe for a list of over the counter meds you will need if you decide to go off your meds. Suboxone might be your best bet. Many people have had success with it.
Please google Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome, it explains what happens to the brain when opiate cessation begins. Keep in mind that PAWS is only temporary!
Stay here for support, we care!

subzero58 28 Sep 2010

mornin sweeti,tell your experience anytime you want that'd called sharing,but you knew that alreay.if i was detoxin i would want to know im not the only one to be this sick.knowing it will get better is priceless. to the dude detoxin be strong bro your about to have the most precious gift you ever could think of.if you need to talk we will be here for you... pete

Inactive 28 Sep 2010

Hi Pete... I luv you man! And you are right, this person will get all the support in the world!!!
We are here for you, you are not alone!

Inactive 28 Sep 2010

Am really sick right now. Get back with ya.

christineATU 28 Sep 2010

OMG. Just thinking about what you're feeling sends shivers down my spine. Regardless of the opiate, regardless of the method you use to come clean, it will get better, I promise. It really sucks coming down like this. The only thing I can do personally is offer support and words of encouragement. When someone is withdrawing like you are right now, it's so hard to focus on anything else. I know. Come clean (figuratively speaking) with someone you trust and could count on for support. A good friend, family member, spouse, someone who may not know your addicted but would be there for you unconditionally. It will ease some of the burden from your mind and emotionally you will feel better. When this type of burden is shared, it makes the load much lighter. Several years ago I too was in the same jam. I was lucky to have family I could turn to.

unknown565 4 Oct 2010

Okay heres some encouragement. However i am sure u already heard most of this. My father first started off with pain killer and now 2 years after being clean for the past 6 months has been on coke. We (the family) are considering leaving. The only thing holding us back is lack of funds. If he somehow gets his life back toghether and stays clean we might reconsider. please for your and your family's sake stop before it is to l8

misled 6 Oct 2010

I have been out depressed,I started suboxone 6 months ago,and an now n the process of weenng off of them,so there you have it.6 months ago I was facing 5or 6 days of rough detox off of oc 60- 60mgs an 120-7.5 vicoprofen and 3-4,350mgs somas,welbutrin 300mgs.And now ive been weening for 5months so far off of Suboxone, and Ive been really hostile with people around me,very isolated,and extremely depressed.

desperatelyseeking 10 Feb 2012

I am going through the same as you..last month I tried quiting cold turkey after my doc got shut down. It was the worst 4 days of my life. I am married and my husband is also in the same boat. He has R.A. and I was in 3 car accidents w/ chronic pain. So any how we both went to different doctors and ended up on the same pain killer. Now my doc got shut down last year (it's been about 8 mths now), and we have been trying to slow our dose from 12-14, 30 mg. Oxycodones a day to as little as we possibly can... since it is just him that has a doctor. Well we just found out this was his doctors last month of writing pain pill scripts, plus we already decided we both needed to be off these damn things. We have 6 kids so it's really hard. I feel so lost, we both looked into going to a detox place but can't afford it plus ins. won't pay for it. So we have no Doc., no place to go. And I am so depressed I can't even function correctly. free discount card

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