For three months I have suffered severe side effects to the new oxycontin formula. I have stopped taking it now for 14 days. I do take oxy ir;s but they are not controlling my pain and I would like to know what would be a good dosage to start at? I am opaite tolerate I have had nurmous surgeries and have serious chronic pain. four years ago I took Avinza 60mg hs and 20mg oxycontin three times a day. I did well no side effects. After my last surgery I was put on oxycontin and have done great up until the change. I am at my wits end my doctor suggested I give the oxycontin more time I will adjust. Not happening. I think I need at least 90ms twice a day. Help anyone else had to get off oxycontin because of the new formula and if so what did you do. I hurt so bad I cannot take a deep breath.
thank you for listening any input will be greatly apprecaited