I have been on Klonopin for 7 weeks. I started at .5 and have been tapering off by myself and am currently at .25. I go down in 1/4. Well this all started with an illness that caused some anxiety in my and insomnia. I got over my illness but stayed on the klonopin for the anxiety and sleep. I only take it once a day at night. The drop from 3/4 to 1/2 has left me dizzy, stomach issues and a bit weak. When I was on .5 the world was a fog, i noticed when I dropped to 3/4's some parts of the day felt normal which gave me hope.

I went down to .25 last week , took it for 2 days and then dropped to 1/4 and felt great, i decided to skip a dose, bad mistake. The next day I was sick.
So that night i took (this was sat. 4/23/11) I took .25 again, sunday was a good day and then monday started with the dizziness, now today i feel a tiny bit better but still a bit woozy.

My question is, how long before my body adjusts to .25 and how long should I stay on .25 before i try to drop to 1/4, i want to get off but with the least amount of trauma ..