I have been reading comments from members pertaining to weight gain and meds. Would like to hear back from personal experience if you have any you would like to share.
I was diagnosed in August with Fibromyalgia. I was put on Amitriptyline 50mg, Cymbalta 30mg, and clonidine. The Ami seems to be taking care of the sleep issues (rx'd due to poor sleep exacerbates the Fibro) so I haven't been using the clonidine for several weeks.
I switched last week to Savella as the Cymbalta did not seem to be doing any good. I am now on Savella 50mg, Ami 50mg (at night) and Baclofen 4x a day for hands, feet, ankles, etc.
Since August I have gained 20lbs. I was underweight and needed to gain probably 10 of those pounds back, but the scale seems to be climbing still. Now, granted weight gain is a small issue when you are trying to fight Fibro pain, but it also has a negative affect on me personally so I do struggle with the stress and anxiousness of the scale moving too much.
In your opinion, if I cut out the Ami (as I believe I can still get my rest) do you think I may be able to stop the cravings for sweets, etc? I read that Savella does not promote weight gain for many (as I had read that Lyrica does) so by removing the other med (and I am still on 3mg subs for pain) do you think it would help?
Open to suggestions and comments.