If any one out there can help point me in the right direction, I need to find a doctor for my dad fast. it is real hard because of all of the pain meds he is on, alot of doctors do not like to prescribe the list of meds he is on. the list and quantities are high but he has been taking these types of meds since 1987, he is always in extreme amounts of pain, i know this because i am his son,caregiver,and best friend. and his current doctor is dropping him as a patient because my dad pled no contest to a drug charge. but the whole case is b.s. we would have taken it to trial, but the amount of stress that it was causing him was causing his health to go down hill fast and now this doctor dropping him is not good and not fair, i dont think. so if there is anyone that can help me i would be so gratefull. your help will let my dad continue on with minimal pain. with out his meds he hurts so bad that he doesnt want to continue on.. i am really hoping i can find him a new doc soon. we are in SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA if you think you might be able to i will talk to you more in details of what he is on and the dosage, its alot of high mg, heavy narcotics. i hope to hear from some one. THANKS