I think most of you remember my dilemma regarding my insurance company refusing to pay for my Kadian anymore, so I had to switch to a new medication. Yesterday after my appointment with my doctor she gave me a RX for MS Contin 60mg. She said it is therapeutically equivalent to the Kadian 60mg. I feel very "loopy", dizzy, and out of sorts, for lack of a better explanation. After 8 hours I still felt the same way. I called the office as my doc is there until 8pm on Fridays. She told me to keep taking this med as it would eventually level out and the side effects would go away. Does anybody here have any suggestions, I've never been a "drinker", but I can tell you, when ever I have partaken in a glass of wine, it made me feel dizzy etc. much the same as this pill is doing to me. Please help, any suggestions on how long this might last, or if this is normal ?? I need some help understanding why my Kadian didn't do this, and this med is jut the opposite? God Bless y'all, and thanks for listening to my rambling. (((hugs))) midwestma