someone posted a combination of medication for depression with sleep apnea. I cannot remember the two antidepressants, but they are taking Abilify and Nuvigil. My husband is taking Cymbalta and Abilify and is worse. He is sleeping all day, he said he feels like he is slipping into a deep dark hole and cannot pull himself out. He has also been paranoid at times. Chemical imbalance runs in his family, his grandfather hung himself in an institution and his mother had numerous in hospital stays with treatments including shock therapy. I refuse to let that happen! When I was healthy I could always keep him up and going, we worked together so I could make phone calls when he couldn't even face people over the phone, but things have gone down hill since I became disabled. I'm just not sure the doctor assigned to us by the VA is helping him. They do not like to use new medications that don't have a generic yet. They have tried every old medication they make over the last 15 years with no success! I need help! I have read everything I can find on depression and medications, and I fought to get him on Cymbalta thinking that might help some of the pain from a broken hip years ago and the damage to his back when he was in a tornado. It hasn't helped his pain or his depression! If anyone has any information that could help us, please let me know! I know there are more than one kinds of depression, but I don't know what his is. I will be talking with his doctor in a few minutes.
Thank you to everyone in this wonderful support group for being so knowledgeable and kind!