Hey guys, I've been reading posts off and on from this site for awhile now and i feel like i trust most the advice on here so its time to ask for some. I need a taper plan or any kind of help period! I've been doing heroin for about 7years now and for the last six months has been very bad for me. mostly just been sick and tired of it, so i found a dealer who sells suboxone 8mg tablets. I bought four to start off with < mind you this is also for my girlfriend who has the same problem > so she got two and i got two. i started at about 2mg and felt fine for a whole day so i stayed at that for its been about 2weeks now. Im also down to 1/3 of a 1/2 of a 8mg tab if that makes sence. so what do i do now? i want to quit and would go to a doctor just have no money and almost no family. Really need help guys. Also i have been to your link Robert and i feel that it dont exactly apply to me being i've only been on subs for 2weeks, started at 2mg and down to about 1-1.5 daily. I would love your advice cause it seems you know what your talking about. I live a very busy life and cant deal with the W/D's. I work two jobs and cant loose them right now.