I live in Tennessee and right now I am so frustrated that I don't know what to do. I go to a pain management clinic (I have bi-lateral neuropathy in my feet and starting in my hands) and have been going there for over a year. We had just moved here from California and I had gone to pain management in CA as well and I brought a packet of information from my doctor (what I had, tests to confirm and she had been by doctor for 12 plus years) so that a new physician could see that 1) no I wasn't a drug addict, 2) yes I did have cronic pain, 3) therapies we had tried and 4) a number to call should they have additional questions. Since I do take a lot of narcotics, I wanted the new doctor to feel comfortable that I am reliable and follow his orders. The new pain management wanted to change my medication because they thought I was taking to many pills, but in order for them to get the dosage, they had to "up" the milligrams and I did not want to, but I said okay. So I start taking them and they made me so constipated that I thought I was going to have to go to the emergency room to get relief and I did this for about 3 to 4 months. At the next appointment I told them what was happening and that I don't assimilate drugs very well and the smaller the milligrams the better they work, so they put me back on what I was on. This has gone on for about a year and (my regular doc was on vacation and a lady was there) I see this lady and she immediately goes into fits about they can't prescribe that amount of drugs and that they needed to change the drugs, I explained tha she had done that before and what had happened and the head doctor came in and said he was so scared of the DEA and that he can't prescribe the amount of pills, (but they have been for over 9 months with no problems) and I say so what can we do and he said he would try to help me find another pain management doctor and so he does, but when the call to make the appointment, I ask them are they allowed to administer this quantity of medications and they say "NO" and so I did not make an appointment because I would be in the same boat, and so today I get a letter saying that he is dropping me. What can I do? Is there an appeal process? I just don't know what to do. I should say that in California we tried everything, medication, water therapy, physical therapy, even lidocaine pushes (which I still twitch from), so it is not like I have not tried everything they suggested, I did--I need help fast. Thanks.