For some history,
Been on morphine er by prescription and vicodin hp for 10 yrs. Do not want to be a slave to morphine. About 18 mos. ago I had been on 120mg a day.[morphine er, that is]. I decided to cut myself back. I started taking 120mg every other day, for a few months. I then decided to ask the dr. to lower my dose to 60mg. Took 60 a day for a few monthes. I then cut myself to 60mg every other day.To make a long story short, a family member is seeking suboxone treatment for his vicodin addiction. He gave me a couple of 8mg subs.I was taking 6 vicodin hps a day, except morphine days, which I only take 2-3.So I had taken 1/8 of an 8mg sub on Tuesday.I have yet to take another morphine er. It is Saturday morning. My legs are so restless and hard to sleep more than 4-6 hrs a night. I've taken 5 Vicodins since Tuesday.I am determined to make this work, with the help of God and as little suboxone as possible.No other subs since Tues. I feel ok, other than my restlessness and occasional diahriah. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.
Thank You,