I'm 27 and recently been married to my long-time love and we would really like to try for a baby soon, however we have both been on Suboxone on for almost 4 years. We both had a pain killer addiction years ago ago and his doctor prescribed him Suboxone.
I have never had my own prescription, we have always just split his because we didn't want to pay for 2 scripts a month.
Currently we are both splitting a 2 mg tablet a day (so 1 mg each).
We have both grown up so much since our painkiller addiction and we are ready to kick this so we can have a family and a normal, happy life.
The problem is that when I try to take less Suboxone I get severely depressed and since its not my script I can't ask the doctor to give me anything to help with the w/d's.
What should I do, I want to start trying for a baby this summer if possible, like in July or August so I want to kick this ASAP.
Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!