Have been taking Lorcet 10's for sometime now, usually 3-4 a day & usually 3 hours apart sometimes 4.Have run out & only had 1 to take for the past 3 days & now have none 2 take for 2 more days until script is filled. However a relative gave me 2 oxycontin 10mg pills.Would taking 1 of these a day until my hydro script is filled help 2 ward off the crappy way I'm feeling(leg cramps, irritable,etc) also miss the kind of high they give me, actually craving & thinking about it 2 much (wish I wasn't). Also has anyone ever chewed up a 10mg oxycontin & is it like the lorcet 10's, could a 10 mg oxy chewed up really do me that much damage considering what I'm used 2 taking.On the fence should I swallow it or chew it.