i have just moved recently to a new state, and can not find a doctor who prescribes either one. i made my last refill last for 2 1-2 months, but am now starting my withdrawls, and i am very scared. the xanax are for anxiety/ptsd/panick, and the hydro's are for chronic migraine, and back pain. i have been on the hydro's for 20 years and on the xanax for 18 years, only one other time have i experienced withdrawls, when my purse was stolen and my meds were in the purse. i am wondering if anyone has any ideas for help thru this very scary withdrawl, knowing that i still do not have a doctor. (my understanding is that the dr's in this tri state area do not prescribe either of these meds because of the drug abuse in this area). any suggestions, i am very panicky and scared right now, this is going to be a rough one. thanking you in advance!! :)