ok so i am addictied to percs,its like i live on them,and when i run out of them i find another dr. to give them to me,im 29 yrs.old have to kids and happy in marriage but the pain meds are killing me,im right now thinking i want to get off sooo but in the past have tried and the withdrawls are terriable what OVER the counter meds,could i take that could take the edge off the WD pain,im so scared to tell my dr.well more embarrasedi had back surgery when i was 20yrs.old even after that i was never addictive to the pain meds cause i never wanted them,but about a yr or so ago i was starting to get into alot of pain so started taking the meds again and slowing started on 2 a day and now im on 10 percs.7.5mg a day please someone out there help or give me some advice..