I am addicted to opiates. My story is about the same as most others. First, let me say that I have never been prescribed long term percocet treatment. I pretty much started taking them not for pain but because they made me feel great, gave me energy and I liked myself on them. I am now and have been pretty much addicted for about 6 months. I usually take between 30 to 60 mg a day and it is costing me a fortune and I desperately need to quit for my health and my finances. My problem is that noone knows that I am addicted. I just recently started a new job and need to withdraw from percocet while basically keeping up my normal lifestyle. So..someone I know is on suboxin and gave me 5 pills (8 mg each) . After reading this website, I now realize that I need to go to a doctor and intend to make an appt and go next week but want to start the pills tomorrow if possible.

My question is how do I start? I have been told to go thru some withdrawal first and wanted to know if anyone can tell me approximately how long I should wait to start taking my first pill. Also, I was told to take 1/4 pill under my tongue? I was thinking I would wait until tomorrow evening as I will probably be feeling pretty bad by then. If I do start with 1/4 pill, do I just take that once a day? My goal (and I am everyone else feels this way) is to not be taking anything at all and never taking opiates again.

I would really appreciate someone giving me some direction on this as I feel so alone and am scared.