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Need help getting off suboxone. Is trying Naltrexone good ? On very low dose already. Nightsweats?

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Jillynnie 9 Sep 2011

I am SO sorry that I did not see your post! seven days is way too long to wish for a response!
I am going to also let Pattishan know that you posted. She has successfully gotten off of subs. If you go to her avitar and click on the 'read more' beside her name you can see her testimony. It is a very good one!
I will repost your question and call on some people here to respond. I am sure it was a simple oversight as we are always quick to help anyone in need.

Hang in here with us.

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summer123abc 10 Sep 2011

Thanks Jillynnie! I will do what you suggest

Inactive 10 Sep 2011

Summer, so sorry I had not seen your post either. Don't want you to think you are alone, you are not. Alot of good people here, just like Jillynnie. Do what she said go to Pattishan and read her story. Friend her if you have to. She will help all she can. i do not know about subs either, but here for any kind of support I can give. God Bless, Von-1

pup6767 10 Sep 2011

Summer... yes, do ask pattishan this question... u can send her a private question. She is the expert here who has helped all of us with our suboxone. Naltrexone is an opiate antagonist (blocker) used mainly in a procedure called rapid detox which is an intense detoxification process done under general anesthesia. It is not a "full"opiate blocker like naloxone which is the drug used in combo with buprenorphine and with the combo it is called suboxone. Naltrexone blocks the euphoric feelings that are felt when taking opiates. Just curious... How did you get naltrexone... did your doctor give it to you??? Not wondering to judge you... but if not used under supervision, I think you should not use it. If u r getting night sweats I believe that maybe u might b having WD symptoms so u may be weaning too fast.
DO read Pattishans profile and use her as a reference for weaning.
If your doc did not prescribe naltrexone for u please do not use it.

summer123abc 10 Sep 2011

My doctor prescribed it but i don't think i want to take it. I would rather wean. i take 2 quarters of a 2mg per day. i wake up every AM soaked in sweat and I can't stand it! :(

puckiemull 10 Sep 2011

Hi summer,
I'm sorry i did not see your question either,but i dont know mucch about subs or tapering,i do hope you get your answer soon,i understand how difficult it must be!
Sorry could'nt have been more help to you!
Take care my friend!

Thor283 10 Sep 2011

Hi Summer,

I've been gone for the past 8 days or so. I just got back. The lovely hurricane knocked out my Internet service all this time.

I agree that Pattishan is probably best qualified to help you wean off Sub. However, you should post how much you're currently taking, how much you were taking, and how you've been doing it so far? Also include how long you have been on Sub? I'm not sure, but I think that if you've been on it for several years, as opposed to several months, that the whole tapering process will have to be longer. Tapering is still the way to do it, I just think you have to go slower.

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Thor283 10 Sep 2011

Hi Again,

I just noticed that you said you take 2 quarters of 2 mg per day? So do you mean you take 1/2 mg (0.5 mg) 2 times in a day? I'm sorry Summer for the confusion, it just sounds strange the way you said it. So you mean you take 1 mg per day, as a total, is that right?

And how much Naltrexone did your doc tell you to take? Do you get the sweats if you don't take Naltrexone?

Again, depending on your answers to everything I asked, I think you should quit the Naltrexone and just do a slow taper from where you are. Or if you get the sweats without the Naltrexone, then you need to slightly increase the Sub dose. Maybe your doc doesn't know much about how to get off Sub and he made you taper it too quickly. The trick to quitting Sub is to taper off super slowly. If done slowly enough, it should be almost painless. Or so I have been told. I think it's true.

OK, I hope I got the answer right this time.

Inactive 10 Sep 2011

Thanks Thor for all the info again, I had no real idea of exactly what naltrexone does except block the euphoria of opiates and I think i read somewhere where they are using it in alcohol detox or maintenance. That is why I didn't respond earlier, I am not super familiar with the naltrexone. I was wondering too if the dr recommended this. Summer did PQ me, and I did respond a few minutes ago, I hope she sees my response. I will write you back later, glad you got the pc working ( internet) I thought you diappeared on us, good to have you back, we did miss you. I am gainfully employed again and if I can get the computer/register training done at my new job next week, I will be a much happier camper. Computers hate me, I promise, and they have all sent a signal thru the internet to foil me at every turn. I still can NOT believe y'all got a quake and a hurricane in the same week. We just almost got drowned by Tropical storm Lee.

Jillynnie 14 Sep 2011

How are you doing? I just wanted to check in with you. I haven't heard from you in a few days. Are you doing well?

Please post when you can. I'd love to know you are okay.

Best to you, and hugs, too!!

summer123abc 14 Dec 2011

I just saw ur post checking in on me. Thanks so much, I am still stuck on suboxone and I think it's cymbalta giving me the night sweats! :(

Jillynnie 14 Dec 2011

Sorry to hear about the nightsweats. I actually switched to Savella a few weeks ago and I started having hot flashes again. :( I haven't had them in so long I thought I had dogged a bullet. Guess not.

Hang in there, dear. It WILL get better!


Mr. Kind 14 Dec 2011

I've been on suboxone for two years and have tapered down on my own tremendously. I've been on an 8th of 8mg a day for two months. I just can't get off of it. It seems that every time I try to take less than an 8th it haunts me. I can't function. I've tried so many time to man up and deal with the withdrawals but they keep coming at me harder and harder. I'm on the verge of losing my job. Could anyone please let me? I am dying to had some kind of direction. I stopped seeing my doctor since she wouldn't take insurance and it was becoming a very epensive expense. I decided to take what I have left and try to stop on my own. I need help. Please help me. Please...

summer123abc 14 Dec 2011

Mr kind there are members on this site that seem to have helped ppl taper off with exercise etc. maybe contact one of them. Also where do u live? There is a free trial at one of the NYC hospitals where u stay there for a few days and they give u some other drug (naltrexone ? I think it's called) that helps u get over withdrawal. Let me know if u are close and I will check my notes for the dr contact info in charge. Are u on any other Rx? Depending on what u may not qualify to partipate.

subexpe 24 May 2012

I finally figured out you can mix suboxone with water and then use a milliliter dropper to taper. Took me 2 years to figure this out; no doctor will tell you because they want you to continue to come to their office...

Basically I had gotten down as much as possible without crumbling a tablet (2 mg tablet broken into 4 pieces = .05). So, now to taper even further, I take 1 mg and mix it with 10 ML of water and then I do 1 milliliter of the solution. Had to find dropper bottles for kittens at the pet superstore to do this, but its working. I've tapered even further and can actually do a skip day.

I think the smaller you are, the harder to get off from .05 to nothing, you need to get down to .005. I know it must sound crazy, but it is a strong medication... don't beat yourself up; become your own scientist. I've had to...

Good luck!

Deealy043 18 Mar 2017

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