Hi, i am a 32 year old mother of three and I have been on suboxone for about 8 months. I feel that it has helped me in so many ways, but now I am ready to kick this habit and be done with it for good. I cannot take time away from work or being a mother in order to do this so I am trying to taper with as little withdrawals as possible. I want to use Roberts method of tapering .25mg a day decrease every four to five days. I also plan on posting on this my daily journal of how my day has went from day to day and when my dose decreases so as to help others who may be questioning to do type of taper. I would ultimately like to have Robert325 guide me through this process but I know he has many people seeking his advice and I understand if he does not have the time. I have been doing 4mg a day and I have been bouncing between that and 2mg a day so tommorrow I will start my taper at 2mg and go from there. I have been addicted to opiates for 10 years and have tried the methadone route and was unsuccessful. I also do not have a doctor prescribing my suboxone because there is no doctor within a 2 hour radius of my small town that is not currently full. I have been piggybacking off my friends script for the last 8 months. I honestly have no desire to get high anymore and feel I am ready to come off this stuff. There have been signs, I mean signs from my Lord, yes I am a christian, that He is telling me it is time. I know in my heart I need to be done with this final stretch of road to sobriety. All I am looking for here i support and help with this because I know it will not be easy. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I will be getting on here every day to post and to see if anyone has responded so please feel free to post whatever you like. I am hoping and praying like crazy that this will minimize my wd for sake of my job and my children. Being a single mom is not easy and to add this to the mix is going to make it extra hard. My 5 yr old has autism and is very trying at times, and my one yr old is well... just a regular one yr old that will drive you crazy... lol.
I work the third shift so I usually will not be able to get on here until after 3am or in the afternoon some time. Just please help me get some sort of support for this and guidance so that I know what I am doing is the correct way of tapering.