I have done alot of research on this site and obviously your the man I need to talk to. I was abusing painkillers for 3 to 4 to years before going on methadone last march (2011) at a local methadone clinic.After 3 months , the state shut down my clinic , so I got kicked to the curb on 65 mgs of liquid. Closest clinic was over an hour drive away to go to. I work 6 till 4 every day so this was impossible to drive this far to dose everyday. Well by luck my family dr. Prescribed me the 10 mg tablets, which was awsome. It only cost 22 bucks to fill nt script once a month. Great right, he was cutting me down 5 or 10 mg a month. Well in october he says he has bad news, he is taking a new job out of town so , this is my last script he can write me.oh no im still at 25 mg of methadone and I been trying to find another. Doctor but no one will write scripts for nothing like that they say. Must have been lucky to find my first doctor to give me prescription for tablets. So now I only got a few pills left. What should I do? Im scared about the withdraws.I been through that hell before and now I know what's coming. Can I switch to suboxone you think? I work everyday 10 hrs in a machine shop. I don't know what I should do, i'm freaking out! Im open to suggestions . Thanks