Hi I will make this short. I was taking 6 fioricets a day all at the same time for 2 years.fioricet is a combo med it had tylenol caffeine 40 mgs n butabital 50 mgs. My dr put me on a taperring plan I had to immideately drop from 6 to 4 then I had 2 take 4 fioricets a day for a week ( I had no probems doing that) then I had to take 3 pills a day for 1 week then 2 pills a day for a week then 1 pill a day 4 a week. Right now I'm on my week of 2 pills.I'm doing good. I'm would like to no more info about butabital I no its a barbituate.is it a mild barbituate or a strong one? My other medications are xanax 2 mgs 3x a day effexor 75 1 x a day n I take ambien and also suboxone.is this a good taperring plan? Has anyone here ever taken fioricet? I'm new here and I'm terrified!I'm constantly thinking about this like non stop. I got hooked on this when I had dental work.I wish I never ever took any fioricet.I cry all the time out of fear. My main problems r anxiety n also depression.I don't have a computer I just have a blackberry.I'm afraid that I'm going 2 have shaking and seixures after my last pill. I no that butabital has a half life of 35 hours. I've also read a lot and a lot of ppl say that u need to take phenobabitol to get off fioricet? Has any1 else heard this?if that's is the case can any1 tell me how much phenobarbital u need that way I can call my dr. My dr told me that he has tappered tons of ppl that were taking a lot more then me off this and they had no problems @ all.I was in detox 2x 4 alcohol. And I did great I had no withdrawal @ all and I was a daily drinker. Right now going to detox is not a option 4 me bc I don't have the money and I need to be able to go to work.I'm here to meet other addicts like myself. I need support badly since no 1 understands what I'm going thru.addiction is like a curse on me . I have had addiction problems for 15 years. I'm 35 years old.I had no idea @ all how addictive fioricet was. If I knew I never wouldve taken any but I can't change the past I can only go foward.please please help me I'm very open to making friends here. Thanks for listening and please please add me to ur friends n reapond to this post.any advice n info will help me a lot) thanks again)