well... i have been put on serious pain meds... have been on them for over a year... eat more than i am supposed to... run out two weeks before my appt. and am frantically blowing money looking for substitutes wherever i can find them... sound familiar? Geez, i KNOW i have a problem... there is NO denying that... I just wish i could take my meds on schedule and not eat them all... THE REALLY SAD THING is, i am really injured and am on worker's comp... all of my meds and all of my dr. appts are paid for... I know ppl are gonna be jealous of that, but i really wish i had never gotten hurt.now... the insurance will NOT cover ANY procedure, be it surgery or even
the piddly epidural cortisone injections... they are real jackasses! SO... anyone else dealing with somethin' similar..lemme know. <3