I posted on here a couple of days ago, I am on 2mg of suboxone dr. wants to start a taper from that. he wants me to start taking the suboxone 2mg half in the morning then the other half in the afternoon, next day only take half of the 2mg next day back to the 2mg and so on for 10 days, after the 10 days he wants me to just take 1 mg for 10 days, then another 10 days the 1 mg,and just quit, he told me he didn,t think he needs to see me anymore, i am very concerned because i don,t think you can just quit after that last 1 mg ,don,t u have to go lower to .05 mg for awhile or something before u just stop, please help me, is there someone that has just tapered off of them that could give me advise,I want to start this taper tomorrow, the doctor has only given me enough suboxone to last through the taper he wants me to do , so once they are gone ,i will be out, don,t know if i can get him to give me anymore.