I have been on methadone for a couple years.  I tapered down & am off them except for last night.  My son's huge dog ran between my legs & I almost fell. I took 5 mg because of the pain. I ask the doctor to let me try the oxycodone again. Methadone caused a weight gain of 30+ LBS. in a year & I stayed exhausted all the time. The oxycodone 20 mg a day is not controlling my pain. Other meds I take for the pain are parafonte forte 500 mg 2x a day(muscle relaxer), xanax 1mg @ night to rest & neurotin 200 mg a day & 300 mg at night for nerve pain & ultram 100 mg for breakthrough pain & the lidoderm patch.  I hate taking all these pills & still hurt. All the meds have caused chronic gastritis. I am looking for something to control pain without the fatigue & to get off some of the other meds. I do have sleep apnea but I use my machine. I would like some input from people who have went through the gambit of drugs for chronic pain. My neck & back pain is severe. I receive facet blocks in my neck & lower back & also epidurals in my lower back. I guess I am wishing for a wonder drug.  Last week my pain doc mentioned a patch that has been used in Canada with good results.  She said it should be able for me to try when I go back in January to see her.  Does anyone have a clue to what she is referring.  I asked her about the Opana but she said she didn't like that drug because the success rate to control pain was low.
I would appreciate it if some of you could give me suggestions on what drugs to discuss with her.  The oxycodone is only helping very little & I don't want to back on it because going off it is not fun! (putting it mildly) I have been going to a pain specialist since approximately 2002!