to make a long story short... I have been waiting months to see this pain management doc. I have severe back pain and have had to rely on er trips for pain meds. I have been taking oxycodone and vicodin for about 2 months. Well the day before my initial pm appointment i took about 1mg of suboxone because i ran out of pain meds and i was literally so sick that i couldnt get out of bed, let alone make it to this first appointment. My friend told me that what i was experiencing was withdrawal and she gave me this tiny piece of orange suboxone. Well i cant sleep at night because i am worried they will find the suboxone on the urine drug test i took last week. If they do happen to find it, what should i do? Deny it? Tell them what happened? I am sick over this. I finally found a terrific doc thats going to help me and i may not make it to month 2. Scared and worried. Any advice on what i should do/say if they ask whats up with my test? Thanks