I am looking for some advice on maybe some experiences anyone has had getting off of pain pills. I started two yrs ago, due to a mild injury in my lower back. 180 oxycodone 30's, 120 10 mg. methadone, 60 1 mg xanax, and mobic one every other day, this is my 30 day supply. I was thinking about weening off, if I could, on My own. Medicine is getting so expensive and eventhough i mostly do not abuse them, no shooting, just oraly, I feel they taking control of Me. I feel i can live with the pain, I am not sure if i am comfortable discussing this with doctor. I am not even sure if I can do it!?
I work fulltime, I support Myself and one other, its a job with no benifits but it pays rent and everything. I cant really miss any work. Any one have any ideas or experiences.