I was prescibed 10MG of Lexapro daily after having a serious panic attack. The Dr also prescibed Lorazepam @ 3 x .5 MG daily until the Lexapro kicked in.

I am just about off of the Lorazepam.

I want to come off of the Lexapro as well because like many people, it has killed my interest in anything and basically made me a zombie. Worse yet, when I excercise, it appears that Lexapro converts the excercise endorphins to something like caffiene because I can't sleep at all on the nights that I excercise.

The reason that I had the panic attack is well understood (to me, but perhaps not my Dr) - I had another unrelated medical condition (vasal vagal syncope due to low-sodium), and when they did a tilt-table test, my heart stopped for 8 seconds. Then I was prescribed pills that made me sicker and things got worse from there until I found the real cause - stress induced adrenal fatigue and low sodium in my blood. In other words, I am very fortunate that I do not have GAD or depression; either of which might require longer time on Lexapro. So I just don't think that I need to be on Lexapro.

So now my question - does anybody have a withdrawal strategy for somebody who has only been on Lexapro for 6 weeks?