I am now 38 weeks pregnant, about 4 days off of methadone. I was illegally taking it, terrible I know, I weened myself down to 4 mg and stopped completley. The only w/d feeling I have is im very tired, otherwise I feel fine, (If I start to feel worse, I will go back on 4mg so the baby doesnt feel w/d too). I am scheduled for a c-section in a week in a half, I am VERY scared. I plan on telling my doctor the truth about my use at my next appointment, but because I was taking the methadone illegally, what will happen? Will CPS get involved? Im in California. Im very very scared, on top of feeling like a loser. Does anyone think I should NOT tell my doc? NO ONE knows of my use, if my husband finds out he will divorce me! Any advice would be amazing, I hope someone that has been thru this or knows can help!