I've been disabled for approx 18 yrs,"legally permanently disabled" for over 6 yrs now. I have 6 herniated disks:cervical to lumbar,spinal stenosis,neuropathy,endometriosis.I have been prescribed nearly ever pain med in the book. Finally, was stabilized on the following for the past 7-8yrs- Oxycontin 80mg: 5tabs 3 x daily,Dilaudid 8mg 4tabs 3x daily & Valium 10mg 1tab 4x daily. The newly formulated OP's didn't touch the pain & luckily my pharmacist had a 1 month supply left of the original OC formulation. I have only 1 week's worth left. To date, we have not been able to find an equally strong pain relief medication. PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN.ASAP!