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Need a muscle relaer that works,i heard valium or ativan work?is this true?

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suzanne66 28 Mar 2011

Yes, both Valium and Ativan belong to a class of drugs called benzodiazepines.
Benzodiazepines have a muscle relaxant property which makes them useful in treating muscle spasms.
They are also used to treat a range of symptoms including anxiety, insomnia, agitation and seizures.

NewYorkGuy44 29 Mar 2011

Yeah Valium is better known for anxiety, but can also treat muscle spasms. Doctors don't really like writing prescriptions for Benzodiazipines, especially not Xanax, or Ativan.Plus if its not for anxiety or sleep problems, I would not advise you start using Xanax or Ativan. Valium is a little less addictive, and like I said it can help with muscle Spasms.. But there are a few Muscle Relaxers that may help you out.
You can try Flexeril, it may knock you for a bit of a loop the next day, but it works. There is also Soma. And I take a Muscle relaxer called Tizanidine generic for Zanaflex.This muscle relaxer seems to work quite well for me, I am not a Doctor, but I would advise you to bring up Zanaflex with your Doctor. free discount card

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