This his been going on since i was 11 and i just recently identified what it was. I am really bad at dealing with anxiety, in almost every situation possible. Anyways, I have them almost every other night. It starts with my neck jerking upward (while my head is on the pillow right before i fall asleep) Instantly waking me up, after about 12 - 15 more attempts to sleep i usually find a way too. Then, finally i fall asleep have what feels like a near death experience every single time it feels like complete and udder death. Im completely paralyzed and the feeling feels like im going to die. I cant open my eyes, i honestly dont want too. I had two seizures last night One of them i herd a voice repeating in my head followed by uncontrolled body movements. And the second one was just my body twitching with no voices.
I have had some where i though i was screaming at the top of my lungs and my girlfriend said it sounded more like weird groans as if it was not my voice. I there any type medication that can help with this?