I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was 4 but was never medicated (my mom was against it). I am now 23 and for many issues I keep having. I decided to talk to my Doc and I was prescribed w/ Adderall 10mg twice daily.

I'm on my 6th day on this med and I've only taken 10mg in the morning... I've experienced neck pain throughout the day, ONLY when I take this med. And the morning after I wake up with a twitching eye that last all morning. I feel great, able to concentrate finish tasks and all that great stuff. I'm just wondering is this a normal side effect? Is this going to last forever, get worse, get better? is this normal? I'm scared of telling my doctor and then him taking away this medication because I'm very happy with it... I wish I started earlier in my life. It has been life changing.