Im a 24 yr old male. I took abilify 2.5 mg for anxiety disorser in May 2014, and stopped it within a month and half. In between my doc had increased the dose to 5 mg for a week. I have been having neck stiffness, head, jaw and right upper back muscle spasms since I started abilify. I'm unable to keep my head straight up for more than a few seconds. I basically run out of breath to hold it in that position, so my head is bent down mostly. Its been 7 months since I stopped abilify and side effect symptoms are still present. Is it common for these side effects to last this or is it permanent? Every doctor I ask says side effects can't last for this long. But I don't believe them coz on forums keep reading patients still suffering from side effects even after stopping the medication? I have not been able to go to work for past 8 months. This is a disaster and I'm getting really scared now.