3 days ago I started getting a sore throat and a fever. The fever worsened on the first night and my glands on either side of my neck started swelling. By the end of the 2nd night my fever had practically gone but my throat (up to the point where it joins the back of the nose) and glands felt raw and very swollen. I couldn't tilt my head back as it felt like swelling at the back of my neck was getting in the way. Every time i breathed, swallowed ate etc, it hurt.

It is now the night of the 3rd day and whilst drinking whisky half an hour ago (to help me sleep) i felt a 'pop' somewhere in my upper throat and a small amount (maybe 20ml max) of blood ran out of my nose. Now the swollen feeling and the raw grated feeling in my throat/neck has practically gone, so suddenly too.

Does anyone have a clue as to what this could be/have been??