I had gotten salmonella poisoning on January 31st. Went to the doctor the 5th of February and was given cipro. Took 6 pills (as it made me sick towards the 5th pill) and felt fine. Went out to eat and was eating and drinking my normal things (very unhealthy but has been my normal for years) then a few days after that I started feeling nauseated and having diarrhea again. Thought I still had salmonella. Went back to the doctor she said it’s definitely gone. Told her I have very bad acid reflux, she gave me Zantac. Helped with my acid but not with my nausea. Went back and she scheduled me an ultrasound on my gallbladder. Found gallstones but I have never had any pain, only nausea so the surgeon decided I didn’t need it removed just yet (told him I was doing better and was also able to eat more things like chicken and fries and tots) now I’m dealing with on and off nausea throughout the day and most of the time I get very bad car sick. I have never thrown up in this time as it is a very big phobia of mine. Could it be medication? Birth control? Lacking vitamins? Lacking something? I’m tired of it!