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Nausea/Vomiting - is the drug promethazine used to treat nausea?

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kaismama 16 Mar 2014

Yes it is. At one time it was used for that only.

tiggertoosweetpeatoo 16 Mar 2014

Thank you for your answer. My Mother has so many meds in her cabinet she had written on the bottle that it was for nausea but I needed to be sure before I gave it to her because she has so many different things going on right now from a uti to fiber myalgia I was afraid to cause her any thing else from the wrong meds. So once again thank you for your help.

Kelti 28 Oct 2014

Is 12.5 mg a good dose for nausea that is anxiety related?

gregory carmichael 4 Apr 2014

Yes this medication works very well for nausea. If I have a patient who come to me with a nausea problem 9 out of 10.I will usually recommend this medication to them. Just make sure you take as prescribed.

scottishknight 8 May 2014

Yes, Promethazine is very effective in removing nausea & the prevention of vomiting.
For me it is a 'wonder drug' of sorts. It is used for allergies, motion sickness, pregnancy, side effects of chemotherapy --my 5 yr. old grandson takes it after his chemotherapy, so fortunately we no longer have a very ill little boy that cannot eat/drink.
My children have used it for motion sickness on the school bus, & I have as well. {We all suffer motion sickness} --Works wonders, tho' does cause drowsiness, so I would suggest you begin with the lowest dose that works best for you.
Personally I love the fact it comes in many forms. I use the tablets, where as my grandson, my elderly mum, & my kids, when younger, use the gel form that you rub on the inside of your wrist.

jcolson 29 May 2015

Yes, when it was originally marketed that is what it was for. Then they started to discover all the other things that it was good for free discount card

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