So I have been taking the Brenda/Estelle 35 ED pill for almost a year now and I do occasionally get nausea in the mornings the week before my period. However the past few days I have been feeling nauseous in the mornings, occasional hot flushes and exhaustion for 3 days. I do get these symptoms sometimes s but my main concern is that I never get it at this time which is 4 days in to the active pill after the placebos finish. I did get my period normally but I can't help but think something is wrong. I have had unprotected sex before and after my period this month however I have always taken my pill religiously at 9pm (2-3 hours late rarely) and haven't taken any antibiotics or had any severe diahrea or vomiting. Is this normal seeing as I have been on the pill for a year? Is there a chance of pregnancy? Please help.