My dermatologist gave me a sample box of brand-name Monodox (75mg) to try out for my Rosacea Acne condition. I used it for several weeks (one capsule daily) and saw good results. Surprisingly, I didn't have any tummy aches or nausea that I was worried about, probably because I was taking it right after a small bite to eat.

When I ran out of the samples, I got a prescription for a 90-count of the generic capsules. On the third time popping a pills, I got severe nausea like I've never had in my life. Vomited for the first time in over 15 years, and the feeling of 'dry heave' lingered for a couple of days. Now, I took it with a SLIGHT empty stomach - I had eaten breakfast about 90 minutes earlier. But isn't this at a 75mg supposed to be taken like that?

I have since discontinued the Doxycycline, until I figure things out. My rosacea has since started to flare-up again, unfortunately. Should I try going back on it but take it right after a full meal? I'm worried it won't be effective... or perhaps the generic version is more prone to causing nausea?