My pharmacy called me today. I had inquired about refilling my Nature-Throid. My dose is no longer available. I asked for a different dose if I could get my doctor to prescribe it because there are fewer dose amounts available ( such as 1/2 Grain, 1 Grain, 1 1/4 Grain, 1 1/2 Grain, etc), upcoming when they start to manufacture it again (I was told), that is, IF they start putting a limited number of dose selections back out on the market. What is going on with these drug companies anyway?
I've been taking Nature-Throid for about 20 years at various doses, so what is the problem all of a sudden? My doctor just closed her practice and went back in to sports medicine. So now I am out of Nature-Throid and out of a health care professional also! (Help!)
I quit taking my pills for about a month, but noticed that my face and eyelids are getting very puffy, and my fingernails are easily peeling off! My hair and skin are getting extremely more dry also.
So, before this month, I was cutting my pills in half to make them last, and now I am down to just a handful of them left, and my pharmacy told me today that they have no sign of being able to get more of them. They said they don't know if or when they will get any more of them, or if they will be manufacturing them any more. Argh! Is anyone else having a similar experience??