I been having tension headaches for about 10 years. I get 9 generic imitrex per month. This is my week for the tension headaches. It seems like I'll have them every day in a row for 4 or more days and throughout the month my migraine gets painful after tension builds up in my upper gums, neck, shoulders, temple area of face (both sides). Except for the past month I've been taking 1 antidepressant and 1-2 oxibutinin (overactive-bladder). Both pills cutting down on tension. The trazodone causing me constipation and the pills for my overactive bladder I ran out of and didn't remember to ask for a refill on. I read some scary stuff about these medications and I been taking anti-depressants even for years before I started getting the migraines. So I wish I could get healthy without these pills. Can anyone give me some good advice. Thanks.